"Using this time audit workbook showed me where my time was going AND gave me the wisdom to see where I could make changes to take charge of my life and get my time back. The plan is easy to use and most importantly it is encouraging!"

Mirlandra N.
Reclaim your time with this proven time audit process.
Stop feeling like you never feel like you never have enough time and learn to make the most of every hour.

Learn how to do a time audit
Track your time so you know exactly where it goes.
Identify time wasters
Find hidden time wasters that make you less productive.
Realistic solutions
Use do-able strategies for using your time more effectively, while acknowledging your current life circumstances.
Get realistic data about how you use your time so you can live your life with intention.
Laid out for easy fill-in-a-box completion. 
No spreadsheet love required!

Clear instructions to guide you through your time audit

Easy-to-use time tracker printable

Tools to help you evaluate time audit results

Practical tips for being more intentional with your time

"Inside of a week, the reader will have a completely different outlook on how they spend their time, and what they can do to improve on it. This book will give the reader the power over their time in just a few simple steps!"

Kristi Stone
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About the Author

Katie Pyle is a professional organizer, productivity expert, and the founder of Organizing Moms. Katie provides educational resources that motivate and teach busy women to make the most of their time with easy-to-implement systems and realistic strategies.

As a former teacher, Katie specializes in helping kids and families get organized. She works with students to develop their executive functioning skills, and helps families set up simple organizational systems that work for them.

Katie writes about productivity, organization, and home management at organizingmoms.com.


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